Launched in conjunction with World Environment Day, This Exorin reduce emission campaign is an initiative undertaken by Exorin Technologies Sdn Bhd and owner of an innovative technology working closely with Department of Environment (DOE) to introduce a win win solution to the people. This technology tested by SIRIM Malaysia to convert unburned fuel emission into energy during the combustion process, thus generates energy efficiency and fuel saving as a reward for its users. 

Developed by a team of environment specialists to combat climate pollutants, this technology addresses the corrosive contamination inside the fuel system, something many have considered impossible to remove. This campaign has successfully started the local industry and RAS companies to start treatment on their fleets and machineries. Many are not aware such solution exist and find it too good to be true until they witnessed it. 


Encouraged by the UN CCAC (climate change and clean air coalition) campaign promoting the use of cleaner fuel as a solution to reduce black carbon emission from diesel engines, Exorin will introduce a fast, simple inexpensive solution whose effectiveness is so absolute, Exorin will invest to give everyone a free testing on their vehicle first. Exorin wishes to contribute 1,000 FREE treatment worth Rm390,000.00 (Rm390/vehicle) for this coming campaign which will be throughout the year nationwide campaign. The objective will be to give its local environment cautious organizations and RAS companies a FREE treatment to test it on their vehicle. This is because we want them to feel their rewards fast and starts treatment on their industry. 


This campaign will introduce a win-win technology to the market which has the potential to lead the marketplace towards a reduce emission phenomenal. This coming campaign will see many new elements, with invited guests and participants which will includes professor from local university working together and local media and program to promote this pioneer group as leaders and role model to encourage and lead the market. to add value into this campaign.


To make this more attractive, Exorin will provides its technology and training at ABSOLUTELY FREE-OFCHARGE. Owners only need to pay for the product used on their industry making it extremely cheap and easy for them to start treatment. This arrangement is only available for the pioneer groups of companies who sign up in support of DOE program during this campaign. This campaign will let the people aware of such a solution exists and it is available for them now. With DOE participation to bring this solution to the rakyat, will help avoid many 3rd party charges and middleman commission that will eventually landed to the people.

With DOE team to conduct emission test, will show the emission reduced at the end of the campaign. This campaign will have A suitable date to launch and its venue to flag off this campaign will be work out. This program will be jointly conducted with local Environmental Action Council who will assist to arrange public venue and local press who will be promoting this event to the people.

This is a new services/trade in the market is in line with our nation ‘blue ocean concept’. As this is a local production produced from raw ingredients into a high end finished product, this will help our nation generate wealth and employment opportunity. With exorin internship program offering training and career opportunity to local fresh graduates, companies supporting this program will be a party supporting all of these.

"Environment - a shared responsibility. Together we make a difference"

For full report, please download here.

For full report, please download here.

For full report, please download here.

For full report, please download here.

For full report, please download here.