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It is a professional treatment to clean the modern fuel delivery system and its sophisticated components without any engine dismantling. Exorin will provide the product and technology for you to apply treatment.

It will remove the insoluble substances build up overtime inside your fuel system many consider to be Impossible-to-Remove’. Within 30minutes, you can witness the corrosive contamination such as sulfur residuals, wax, sludge, water, and other’s chemical by-product flushed out of your engine.

We guarantee to clean your fuel delivery system. If we cannot remove the contamination inside your fuel system, we will refund your money in full. This mean you will see the colour of the fuel flushed out of your fuel return line is still the colour of diesel (yellowish), and not brownish or black, the colour of carbon.

These insoluble substances are known to clog up the fuel pump, fuel rails, filters and injectors causing premature failures and costly breakdown. Added to this, sulfur residuals from the fuel are accumulated in this insoluble substance, when meet water, become sulfuric acid and began corroding the engine.

The advance countries have upgraded to use a cleaner fuel (Euro5 with 10ppm sulfur content) in 2006. The following year, all engines produced after 2007 are upgraded using modern fuel system and emission control equipment designed to use with this cleaner fuel to meet EPA stringent emission standard.

However, when these modern engines are used in this region with no Euro5 fuel, the local 500ppm D2 or Euro2 diesel fuel are leaving a trail of residuals which are found to interfere with the modern emission control system, causing excessive unburned fuel emission to release into the environment. These are all confirmed at the UN Climate Change convention, and a 50ppm sulfur fuel is recommended as the solution. Today, many nations including Malaysia are still waiting for their government to implement this cleaner fuel.

However, no solution had been provided for local owners to combat against the long impeding damages from high sulfur fuel they have been facing all these years. Its long presence inside the fuel system have made them resistant to the ordinary treatment. Many consider them “Impossible-To-Remove” and accepted them as their normal engine wear & tear.

As all their engines produced after 2007 are designed to run with the cleaner fuel (Euro5), they will not experience the problem encounter here thus will not need such treatment. However, as fuel quality is beyond the control of the manufacturer, it will be the owner’s responsibility to maintain cleanliness of their fuel system if they choose to use a lower grade fuel to run their engine. Today, no manufacturers want to get involve or provide any solution and risk being accountable for the damages caused to the environment.

With no treatment provided by the manufacturer, this will be a fast, simple and inexpensive solution for local owners. As the fuel delivery system main function is to deliver fuel that bring life to the engine, this insoluble substance will reduce the flow of fuel passing through, disrupting the volumetric requirement of fuel delivered to the combustion chamber leading to incomplete combustion. With this removed, more fuel will be send to burn, therefore, increase in power, improve cooling system, and timely delivery of fuel for a complete combustion.

Yes, Exorin Detox Treatment works on any diesel engine be it on a truck, boat, diesel locomotive, genset, heavy equipment or power plant. As all diesel fuel delivery system has a ‘Fuel Return’ and Fuel Inlet’ line, the application of this treatment will connect to this fuel lines, using the flow of the fuel and wherever it goes to clean the entire system. The only difference will be the amount of product required as bigger engine will required more product and longer process.

In event if Exorin products are found to cause damages to your engines, Exorin provides a RM1 million product insurance to indemnify you on your losses. For over ten years Exorin product is in the market, there has never been any claims.

Yes, Exorin treatment can be applied on both petrol and diesel engines. The product used will be the same except for petrol engine, a different tool is needed.

As after treatment, fuel burns more completely into energy during the combustion process. Therefore, increase in power, fuel saving.

Exorin diesel fuel lab test shows a list of the most common insoluble substances flushed out of your fuel system are sulfur residuals, wax, sludge, carbon deposits, loose iron particles including water moistures.

Although exorin engine detox treatment is a one-hour job, if you are using euro2 fuel or you have never cleaned your fuel system for more than a year, you will be able to see the contamination flushed out of your fuel system almost immediately.

We guarantee an improved performance from your engine after treatment. When these contaminations, many considered ‘impossible-to-remove’ are removed out of your fuel delivery system, it is scientifically proven your engine will perform like-new condition. You will have a higher productivity engine, with improved fuel economy and your exhaust will be emitting significantly lower smoke emission.

Exorin joint testing program with many well-established local organisations shows a similar result, their returns from fuel-saving alone are already more than exorin treatment cost. On top of this, their engines now perform at a new peak performance, consume less fuel, and no more failing their emission test or facing the hefty compound from DOE roadblock.

These contaminations are known to be the roots of damages responsible for a long list of performance issues. Its presence is causing obstruction inside the fuel lines, disrupting the sensitive electronic fuel sensors, clogging the fuel pump and injectors, resulting in incomplete combustion and excessive exhaust emission. When these are removed, its issues stopped.

For older engines, exorin detox treatment restored lost performance, revive performance to like-new condition. For newer engines, it prevents the loss of performance, maintain combustion efficiency and complete burning of the fuel.

For commercial vehicles, it is a requirement by law for the vehicle to pass their ‘Fitness Test’ every six months before they can continue to use it on the road. Most owners will have their vehicle undergo a service and check-up before the test. This will be the best time to perform exorin detox treatment as it will also help the vehicle to pass their emission test. For new engines, we recommend after 12 months of operation.

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